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The Law Office of Thomas L. Brayton, III, welcomes you to our website. I am excited to assist you with any legal question or needs that you currently have . I handle Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Real Estate and Probate matters. I have been a lawyer for 22 years and have been in Waterbury nearly that whole time. I feel that one of my best assets is the ability to offer personal attention to each and every client. I enjoy working with people and like to help solve problems. My top priority is to help people recover the money they are entitled to if they have been injured on the job, due to a motor vehicle accident, a fall, a motorcycle accident, a defective product or the negligence of a doctor or hospital.

I am glad that I am a lawyer and have wanted to be one since I was a sophomore in high school, way back in 1979 and it is not just because I saw Gregory Peck portray Atticus Finch in the movie To Kill A Mocking Bird. The famous American novel and movie depict a lawyer and his family's experience in representing an African American man, Jim Robinson, wrongfully accused of a crime, in the deep south in the 1930s. Back in 1979 it probably had more to do with the fact that my father was a lawyer and I admired his work and the way he handled himself. The reality is that I like being an attorney because I can do what I have always wanted and because I can interact with and help people. My family and friends says I can have a conversation with any one and quite frankly I happily do.

I love to talk with people and I believe therein lies my greatest strength as an attorney, because I want to and know how to talk with and listen to people, my clients. Because of that, I connect with my clients and they get to know me. We work together and that is the best way to help a client get the relief and monetary recovery they deserve and want. I learned these attributes from my father and as a high school student at Saint Margaret's McTernan School in Waterbury, Connecticut. (Now know as Chase Collegiate School). I grew up in a large Irish Catholic neighborhood in Waterbury where I learned some hard and tough lessons about life and taking care of yourself. Not only did I learn that you had to be tough to defend your rights, but that the art of compromise sometime helps achieve the same goals. Sometimes having a thick head is not enough as you must learn to work with others to get the ball across the goal line.

My work toward my present career continued in college, at Drew University, in Madison, New Jersey, where I concentrated on the study of history and a near minor in the craft of writing. One of the most profound courses I took was outside of these areas, when I studied bio-medical ethics. This course dealt with the plight of a badly burned man and the question of ones right to determine his or her own medical choices. Believe it or not, but this course really further pushed me into law because it reinforced the reality of helping people who need help, and to do so with a sense of ethics the way my father did it all those years.

My attendance at Boston College Law School present a whole new slate of challenges, especially when I worked at the legal aid clinic and experienced my first real taste of legal work. There I performed work on behalf of people who could not afford an attorney and needed help with various real life things like a landlord tenant dispute. I was quite lucky to attend such a good law school and one that cared so much about it's students. There can be no greater proof of that belief than the fact that legal ethics was taught from year one, not in the final year as an after thought, as was the practice at the time at most law schools. Here I also learned the real key to success as a lawyer, and that is good old fashion hard work. It was really a matter of reinforcement and not learning as I grew up watching my father work harder than the next guy to succeed in the field of personal injury litigation.

The real question is why should you trust me with your case. I could rely on the standard answer such as my duty to you or the greater good of the law, but prefer to rely on the principles embolden in me since childhood: hard work, creativity and doing the right thing. I know that we will have a real chance to work together because we will know each other, for how could Atticus Finch really commit to his client until he felt his pain by walking in his shoes the best he could. So please let me help you if your case involves personal injury due to a car accident, slip and fall, work accident, product defect or medical negligence.

Thank you.

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